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MIPS goes Aptiv™ after ARM

With  microAptiv™, interAptiv™ and proAptiv™ which are  new families of 32-bit processors. 

Here is a quick guide to the new cores:

microAptiv MCU - cacheless superset of the MIPS32® M14K™ core

microAptiv MPU - superset of the MIPS32® M14Kc™ with cache controller and MMU

interAptiv - multi-threaded (MT), multi-core

proAptiv - superscalar multiprocessor

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MIPS based Ingenic JZ4770 1GHz XBurst CPU powers Android 4.0 ICS tablet

"Ainol's Novo7 tablet has a 7-inch capacitive screen and runs on a 1GHz single-core MIPS processor, said MIPS Technologies and chip-maker Ingenic in a joint press release. The tablet's battery lasts eight hours on watching video, seven hours when browsing the Web and six hours when playing games."

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MIPS Technologies in a collaboration push to bring Android Honeycomb to 1GHz+ MIPS based SoCs

Ingenic Semiconductor - press release link

"The new JZ4770 SoC is one of the first MIPS-Based systems-on-chips (SoCs) targeted for mobile devices that delivers 1GHz frequency, increasingly a requirement for tablets and other devices that incorporate rich multimedia and numerous high-performance applications and functionality. The JZ4770 is the latest in a series of low-power platforms from Ingenic to leverage the MIPS32® architecture for mobile products"

Actions Semiconductor - press release link

"The new high-performance system-on-chip (SoC) from Actions leverages a superscalar MIPS32® 74KfTM core (with floating point unit) running at 1.3GHz. In addition to Android, the new chip incorporates an OpenGL ES 2.0 3D graphics processing unit, USB 2.0 OTG, HDMI 1.3, support for multi-format high definition 1080p video encoding and decoding, and other advanced functionality. Actions and MIPS will also work together to enable the platform with Adobe® Flash® Player 10.2 optimized for the MIPS® architecture."

Android Gingerbread on MIPS

Gingerbread source code update released - web page link

MIPS coming to BlackBerries?

Pure speculation or not so distant possibility?

"Chip company MIPS has been quietly sitting in WD and Roku set-top boxes and Vizio TVs for years. They're finally making a move into smartphones, and I checked out one of their first devices. Combined with Android, MIPS chips have the potential to deliver smartphones well under $100, even without a new contract."

 MIPS Handheld

"MIPS already works with QNX, the new BlackBerry OS found in the PlayBook and future RIM phones. RIM is used to mixing up its chip suppliers"

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Android on MIPS32

MIPS Technologies is trying to establish their MIPS32 based CPUs as viable alternative to ARM based wave of tech gadgets.

Not surprisingly the most promising segment is the TV/Cable market where MIPS has a strong position. But this strategy is based on Andorid and not the Google TV.

"Next Up for Android: Your Cable Box" - web page link

There are also other MIPS based gadgets that are coming like  Cruz Tablets from Velocity Micro.

"First MIPS-Basedâ„¢ Smartphones and Tablets Debut" - press release web page link

Real products need real chips and it seems that Ingenic Semiconductor  is the supplier providing the silicon like the:

JZ4760 - 600MHz dual core XBurst Mobile Application Processor

Data Sheet - PDF document link

"JZ4760 is a high performance, high integration and ultra low power application processor with powerful video engine and 2D graphic engine targeting for mobile devices like smart-phone, tablet, eBook and GPS navigator. JZ4760 is powered by Ingenic innovative 600MHz XBurst CPU core and equipped with a rich set of peripherals. With Android, Linux, WinCE, RTOS OS supporting and WiFi/3G/Bluetooth/TV module connecting, this SOC can provide excellent mobile internet experience."

"Ingenic Semiconductor Licenses MIPS32 Architecture for Mobile Devices" - press release web page link

Web page link

Another potential supplier is the IUNIKA with the IUNITY SoC but this seems to be recent development and the "Flashy" website does not provided any details besides marketing blurb.

"IUNIKA Licenses MIPS Technologies' Coherent Multiprocessing Systems for Computing and Mobile Computing Devices" - press release web page link

MIPS unveils synthesizable multicore processor for CE devices 

MIPS32® 1074K Coherent Processing System

"The 1074K CPS is based on the combination of two high-performance technologies— coherent multiprocessing, and the superscalar, Out-of-Order (OoO) MIPS32 74K® processor core as the base CPU. The 74K is the base core is a multi-issue, 15-stage OoO architecture already in production with numerous customers for digital televisions, set-top boxes and a variety of home networking applications. The 74K core is broadly used in internet-connected digital home products. To further optimize the core for this growing trend, MIPS Technologies recently enhanced the 74K core to deliver as much as 30% additional performance on JavaScript and Web applications. With the 74K core at its heart, the 1074K CPS is an ideal high-performance platform for today's SoC designs, with headroom for tomorrow's designs as well."


  • 1 to 4 1074K "base" cores
  • Coherence Management (CM) unit
  • I/O Coherence Unit (IOCU)
  • Cluster Power Controller (CPC)
  • Global Interrupt Controller (GIC)
  • EJTAG/PDtraceâ„¢ advanced debug/trace
  • MIPS 32® 1074Kfâ„¢ core version with IEEE 754-compliant FPU per core

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Product brief PDF document link