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RK2918 - Rockchip RK29xx Cortex-A8 SoC

Rockchip is making a technological jump from ARM9 trying catch up with Cortex-A8 based 1.2Ghz RK29xx series of CPUs.

Product web page seems to be only in Chinese so here is the Google translated spec of the "new high-end Swiss-core mobile Internet platform".
We have heard of Swiss cheese but Swiss-core(?!), something lost in translation or perhaps this is a new generic term for the functionality packed SoC?
The new chip claim to fame seems to be the 3D support (presumably for no glasses 3D) and curious inclusion of the  ATSC-T/MH  - U.S. terrestrial digital TV decoder.

"RK29xx Introduction
  • 1.2G ARM Cortex A8 core
  • Neon co-processor and 512KB secondary cache
  • 2D/3D graphics processor to support OpenGL ES 2.0 and Open VG , the highest support of 60M tri /s H.264, VP8, RV, WMV, AVS, H.263, MPEG4 and other video formats 1080P decoding
  • 1080P H.264 video coding
  • supports DDR III, DDR II, Mobile DDR memory
  • support 24bit hardware ECC MLC NAND, support e-MMC boot
  • Three USB interface, can support USB devices, hosts, and 3G modules
  • two SD ports, SD card and WIFI module
  • support the camera around 500 million pixels
  • standard TFT / EPD controller
  • HD movie 8 -channel I2S and SPDIF Output
  • with a TS interface, support for mobile and terrestrial TV receiving ( ATSC-T/MH )
  • standard Ethernet interface
  • support the VoIP network video calls
  • support android 2.3 and later"

There are even some generic looking tablets puportedly based on Rockchip RK2918 A8 Chipset.